The Stateline Shootout was jam packed with excitement and a changeup in its normal schedule of events. Thursday morning started with Tech, Contingency and Registration where we spiced things up by adding The Vendor Row Quickdraw.   Never heard of a Vendor Row Quickdraw before? Well, it’s a walking poker run, a way to enjoy some extra fun and prizes while walking around Tech. It was open to the public and anyone could join in on the fun. Participants would walk from booth to booth stopping at 5 different vendors to mark off their punch card. The final stop would be where they would draw their poker hand for a chance to ride around the entire course in a TrophyLite Race Truck Saturday evening. Congratulations to Emma Cornwell on winning the Vendor Row Quickdraw she was the only one to get two of a kind. A special thank you to our participating vendors: Motorsports Safety Solutions, Liqui Moly, Rugged Radios, All Terrain Concepts, Butch’s Speed Shop, G1 Products. Special Thanks to TrophyLite for being our final stop and card dealer!
In addition to the Quickdraw, the drivers themselves were entered into their own giveaway. Every entry got 2 raffle tickets for a chance to win a Sig Sauer 9mm pistol from Spartan Arms of Las Vegas, NV. Spartan Arms is a leading company for firearms and supplies with a wide variety of products, knowledgeable staff and has been the dealer of choice for more than 10 years for the off-roading community.  Dan Fisher was the lucky winner, announced during the Racers meeting Thursday afternoon. Dan was excited to win and is already a loyal customer of Spartan. (*note: the weapon was not present at time of drawing. Winner must complete full background check and be approved by the ATF before receiving the prize) Next time you are shopping for a gun make sure to give Spartan Arms a call.
  Following the Racers Meeting, participants got the opportunity to see the 9-mile course during the optional practice laps. Many teams took this opportunity to make their own GPS notes and see the Joker Lane. Yes, the Joker Lane made an appearance again this year and it proved to be a pivotal point in one of the most competitive heats of the weekend!!!   The Joker Lane allowed the racers to bypass a section of the course to gain an advantage on another competitor. The Joker Lane could on be used once per day on any lap of the racer’s choice. As expected, the Joker Lane created some interesting racing throughout both days as teams and racers strategized on the best time to take the advantage. Some teams used it in the very beginning, others saved it to the end of the race and some used it to pass a competitors at the exact right moment.
Late Thursday afternoon brought racers from all classes out to line the Buffalo Bills Highrise Berm to watch the excitement of Qualifying unfold. The Unlimited Trucks and Class 1’s took to the course first to determine who would win the Stronghold Engineering fastest qualifier. #1 Eric Hustead has dominated all of our qualifying events posting the fastest times. Keeping his winning streak alive, he again took home the Stronghold Engineering fastest qualifier with $1,000 cash, custom trophy, oversized check and bragging rights. #1512 Blaine Conrad in his new car charged hard and was right on Eric’s heels coming in 2nd. #1503 Nick May was only 1 second behind Blaine granting him the 3rd fastest lap.
The Diamondback Materials 6100 Qualifying was up next and as the 6100’s began qualifying, the suspense was mounting as #6158 Chasen Gaunt pushed hard for the fastest time to put him in an ideal spot to continue his winning streak and opportunity for the $100,000 payday. Chasen would post the 2nd fastest time. #6139 Adam Householder put together a smooth run coming in hot and posting the 3rd fastest time. But it was #6108 Chad Dohrman who would outrun both of them for the fastest time in the Diamondback Materials 6100 Qualifying. With his giant check, $1,000 cash in hand and a huge smile on his face, Chad was ready to be 1st off the line Friday afternoon.   With Qualifying in the books, we switched gears to Thursday’s night show, with the TrophyLite Nationals short course race and the Team Chevrolet Taco Party. Spectators lined the fence with their free tacos in hand as the TrophyLites set to do battle. And battle they did!!! With rollovers, flat tires, body panel carnage and intense passing with multiple lead changes, the crowd ooood and awwwwd as they sped by, launching their race trucks. In round one #6066 Josh Cobb would eventually work his way around #6012 Greg Bragg to gain the lead going into round two. After a quick intermission they were restacked to battle it out for another 15 laps. #6012 Bragg once again got out in front of #6066 Cobb. Bragg would keep the lead to take the win. He would stand on top of his truck in front of the crowd on Victory Lane with #6066 Cobb in 2nd and #6075 Chad Woodruff in 3rd. A special Thank you to SeeDevil lighting and Ahern Rentals for helping us light up Thursday nights’ competition.
Adding in the extra heat of racing gave us the option to score the TrophyLite Races differently. With them racing 3 times on the weekend, they were scored like a motocross event with the lowest combined score of all 3 races determining the winner. With 6 trucks starting the event, the winner of each race would get 1 point and last place getting 6 points. The 1st place finish Thursday night, #6012 Bragg was in a good position with 1 point going into the next 2 days of racing.  For the Friday lineup, they would have an inverted start order from the Thursday night results, putting leaders #6012 Greg Bragg, #6066 Josh Cobb and #6075 Chad Woodruff in the back of the pack Friday morning. They would work their way through early on with #6066 fighting his way to the front for Day 1. But #6012 was not about to give up that easily and was able to pull off 2nd for the day with #6075 right on their heels in 3rd place.   Saturday morning the battle was on. Today’s start was how they finished Friday, giving the leaders the advantage of being out front of the class. #6066 Cobb and #6012 Bragg were nearly nose to tail the bulk of the heat until a late race mechanical issue caused #6066 Cobb to pull into the pits, giving up the lead to #6012 Bragg. This also allowed #6075 Woodruff to sneak into 2nd position and first timer #6080 Lyle Anderson who was waiting in the shadows for his chance to get into podium position. Crossing the finish line 1st was #6012 Bragg going 1-2-1 with a total of 4 points on the weekend and taking home the class win. #6075 Woodruff would cross the line in 2nd, scoring a 3-3-2 for a total of 8 points causing a tie for 2nd place. #6066 Cobb would finish 5th having a 2-1-5 score for a total of 8 points. The tie breaker was determined before racing began and whomever finished best in the last race would gain the position thus giving 2nd place to #6075 Woodruff and 3rd place to #6066 Cobb. 
Jumping back to Friday morning prior to the TrophyLite battle 11-year-old Indy Haberman #1385 would be up with the sun and 1st off the line in Heat 1 with his dad, Dan Myers, as co-driver. They would have a flawless 2 days of racing to get the class win and gain valuable seat time for the young driver. Many teams noted that Indy displayed great sportsmanship as he would pull over to the side to let faster vehicles get past. 
As always, the fan Favorite for the event was a Class 11 VW Bug. #1148 Eric Driscoll
was racing with his sons, Jaegan & Carson by his side. Picture this, both co drivers
taller than 6’8”; how do they cram themselves into a small VW bug is beyond us,
but rumor has it that they moved the front seats to the back for a little extra leg room!
The Driscolls built the car in their garage from the ground
up as a family. The entire family came out to support them and cheer from the sidelines.
Unfortunately, they had some mechanical issues early on during Day 1 but in true underdog fashion, they worked all night and started day 2 determined to finish all 8 laps.
Which they did just that, with only 3 shocks on the car for the majority of the race.
The NA UTV’s kicked up the dirt as they raced for who would be the fastest. Factory Kawasaki #1927 Carson Wernimont was a force to be reckoned with. With the fastest lap time in his class for both days, he was determined to keep his 1st place class points. #1995 Kaden Wells came to defend his 2021 win from this exact event. He stayed close to Wernimont’s bumper throughout the weekend, pushing Carson to his limits. #1927 Wernimont kept his cool and didn’t let the pressure get to him as he took home top honors with #1995 Wells taking home 2nd.   The father son duo #1956 Austin Bolton and #1957 Joe Bolton is always entertaining to watch as they strategize against each other. Austin ultimately came out on top for a 3rd place finish for the weekend. With no hard feelings, Joe continues to be a great support not just for his son but for other team mates as well, letting them get seat time to show his appreciation.
The excitement continued as Husband and Wife battled it out in the Stock 1 UTV class. #U938 Tyler Stewart and #905 Sarah Stewart enjoyed the chance at some healthy competition. Tyler continues to help and support his wife but racing is racing and the competition heats up for some fun stories later. Tyler would come in 1st for the weekend. The Stewart’s convinced good friend #U903 Derek Morse to show up to battle it out against them. Morse raced with his brother Justin in the co-dawg seat and they would come across the finish 2nd. #U905 Sarah would improve her day 1 time by 5 minutes on Day 2 and bring her home a 3rd for the weekend.  As the Stock Modified UTV class continues to grow so does the excitement. #S915 Craig Macintosh shows up each race and gives his co-driver seat to an active military member or veteran. Macintosh pushes hard to give these military members the ride of their life, unfortunately Craig pushed so hard he suffered transmission problems taking him out of the race early on. With Craig out, this gave opportunity for the women to battle it out and show how it’s done. #S944 Jenn Zipp-Richmond charged to take the lead, finishing 1st on Day 1 followed by #S919 Jessica Dohrman. Dohrman came out to support her husband in Class 6100 but didn’t want to let him have all the fun. This was both of their first Legacy events and they brought their children out to make it a family event. Jessica had a blast as she battled Jenn out in the dirt. The 2 women brought some excitement as #S919 Dohrman passed #S944 Richmond on Day 2 to take the lead and bring in the overall win in the Stock Modified Class.
Heat 2 was next to get the green light with the Turbo and Unlimited UTV’s battling it out. Both classes bring a competitive group of racers. #T916 Jeremiah Scott, the current class points leader, was ready to defend his position. With $10,000 dollars on the line for 2022 class champion he was locked and loaded to take down his competition. #T898 Joe Terrana didn’t make it easy and was able to get by to take the lead and put down the fastest lap times for his class on Day 1. #T974 Randy Romo pushed hard and was a contender both days, but on Day 2 would get slowed down changing a drive belt. With record breaking speed they still managed to come in just minutes behind the leader securing themselves 2nd place. #T938 Kolton Hustead had some set backs on Day 1 which meant he had time to make up and on Day 2 he was a force to be reckoned with. Hustead had a blistering fast pace with a lap time of 9 min 32 seconds on the 9-mile track, that’s nearly a 60mph average! That pace was the fastest time for Day 2 but unfortunately not fast enough to earn him a podium for the weekend. #T824 Cody Schafer was consistent all weekend and was a mere 17 seconds shy of 2nd place but his time would earn him 3rd place.
The Unlimited class had its own battle going as 2021 Champion #2901 Nolan Williams and #2969 Mike Lesle pushed each other to their limits. Mike, having hurt his knee, had Sierra Romo step in and handle driving duties for a majority of the weekend. With a difference of just over 20 seconds #2969 Lesle would take the win for Day 1 over #2901 Williams. Day 2 #2901 Williams had some mechanical problems taking him out of competition and allowing the #2969 Lesle team to cruise the last laps. Mike hopped in the car at the Hot Pit on the final lap so he could cross the finish line as driver of record and ensure he followed the rules. #2815 Ryan Piplic brought out his new Polaris Pro R to show up the competition but had mechanical issues on Day 1. Ryan and his wife, Jamie worked all night to change out the front end. He came back with a vengeance on Day 2 and posted the fastest times in Unlimited UTV but would be a DNF for the weekend with not completing his laps on Day 1. 
With Heat 3 underway, #1017 Kent Perkins had a race within a race as daughter Christina would drive on day 2. Christina had the fastest laps, she would take the win within a win. Her time was 1:29:46 and Kent managed to to bring in Day at 1:36:59. As father and daughter congratulated each other at the finish they were excited to take home the win in Class 10. 
The Gaunts brought their Class 5 car out for this event to get some extra seat time on course. They are no strangers to racing and bring out the entire family for support, which is what off-road racing is all about. The family all lined the Buffalo Bills Highrise Berm to cheer on #5003 Mavrick and Chasen as they started the race. On Day 1 their dad Rickie saw they almost had the class 10 leader so he pushed them to take one more lap and give Taylor Grabow and Cami Hara a good lead. The ladies jumped in and took their turn at the wheel. Taylor is also no stranger to racing, her family has a long history as well, but this was Cami’s first time in a race. The cheers from the team helped keep them consistent both days with only an 18 second difference in time between Day 1 and Day 2. They were excited to take home the class win and some hardware to hang on their wall. 
As part of the Steel Cab Series, we had a few Class 2 vehicles show up to compete at the Stateline Shootout for their first Legacy event. #2082 Robert Williams had a great race, with no issues he would take the win for the weekend. With a 1st place under his belt, we’ll be seeing him again. Local #2010 Kameron Wells and #2006 Andrew Becerra both suffered mechanical issues on Day 1. Both Wells and Becerra worked to get their trucks running for Saturday morning. Wells was able to push hard on Day 2 to come across the line completing all 8 laps. At the finish, they all had incredible things to say about the event. We hope to see the Steel Cabbies back for more events.
#1486 Joseph Cammans came out with his wife Blaire riding shotgun to take on the desert. They were unable to finish Day 1 but with some hard work; they got it going again and started Saturday morning. Joseph had an incredible race Saturday with zero mechanical problems.
With the commencement of Heat 4 the Unlimited Trucks and Class 1 cars came out with something to prove. #1 Eric Hustead earning the fastest qualifier position would put him first on the course ahead of the #1512 Blaine Conrad. #1512 Conrad would post the fastest lap for the day of 9 minutes 22 seconds but could not quite catch the fast charging #1 Hustead who would end up 1st in Unlimited Truck on Day 1 with a one-minute lead over the #1512 Conrad. His time however would put Conrad 1st in class and give him a lead going into Day 2. His competitor, #1546 Jake Johnson was pretty determined to take home the win. Johnson launched his car so far, he cleared the table top in the short course section and was a mere 4 seconds behind #1512 securing 3rd for the day and 2nd in class. #1503 Nick May had a good day and put himself into a 3rd. #27 Jack Olliges would sit on the passenger side with his dad Steve driving to give Jack some time to get comfortable with the truck. Jack is not new to racing but this would be his first time getting behind the wheel of this particular truck. The #27 truck had a solid day putting it at 2nd place and setting Jack up for some good competition on Day 2. #67 Frank Napoli made his first appearance with Legacy and he proved to be quite the competitor. He was able to snag 3rd in class.   Day 2 heated up as positions changed throughout the 8 laps. #1 Hustead maintained his lead and secured the overall win and 1st in Class in Unlimited Truck with a time of 2:35:28 combined for the weekend. But #1503 Nick May, driven by Jordan Dean and navigator James Dean, was on the throttle and set the fastest lap of the entire weekend on Day 2 with 9 minutes 10 seconds. Dean would keep up that pace and earn #1503 2nd place in class with 3rd overall for the weekend. #1546 Johnson was on a mission to keep his perfect season alive. Right on the heels of the lead pack, he ended up with the class win and a second overall fastest time of 2:38:25 beating #1503 by 3 seconds. #1512 Conrad had some minor mechanical issues setting him back but persevered the 3rd in class. #27 Jack Olliges got in the driver’s seat and proved he could keep pace with his dad. Even with some mechanical problems and getting stuck for a quick second on a berm, Olliges would end up 2nd in class for the weekend. #67 Frank Napoli decided to let all four sides of his truck taste the Nevada desert ultimately landing on its roof. With Legacy retrieval close by, it was only a minor setback before he was able to bring home the 3rd place trophy. 
The last heat of the day, Heat 5 brought the biggest competition and most excitement. As the 6100 trucks attacked the course with an all-out battle to knock #6158 Chasen Gaunt out of his chance of $100,000. In Qualifying #6108 Chad Dohrman beat out #6158 Gaunt by seconds to be secure first off the line. With the 6100 class being the most competitive, they knew they had to push themselves to their limits to make it to the finish line first. #6158 Gaunt would lose his front running position due the lose of a belt on lap one allowing #6108 Dohrman to gain a larger lead. However, #6139 Adam Householder and #6173 Conner McMullin were charging ahead, both looking for the perfect opportunity to gain ground on the leader. But it was #6139 Householder who had the perfect setup and earned the “pass of the event”. Both Driver and Team strategized exactly on when to take the Joker Lane, making it the most beautiful pass, coming out just in front of #6108 Dohrman by a mere truck length and a half. This would give #6139 the clean air he needed to lead the entire field around for the last lap to clinch 1st on Day 1 with #6173 coming in 2nd by a small margin of 4 seconds and #6108 in 3rd by 1 minute 14 seconds.
The Final Heat of Day 2, Heat 5 had everyone talking, making bets on who would take home the win. Could Householder maintain his 4 second lead? Or was the rising star #6173 McMullen going to eat away at the 4 second deficit to get the win or would he go all in and push his way to pass #6139? But don’t count out the veteran #6108 Dohrman, could he regain the lead track position and put both #6139 and #6173 in the rear-view mirror?   After the light turns green, the chase is on. Over the next 4 laps, its back and forth between the Top 3. With #6173 McMullen eating away at the lead on lap one and the next lap #6139 Householder putting time on McMullen with #6108 Dohrman just out of their roost waiting to capitalize on any minor mistake from the front runners. On Lap 5 the intensity increased, just as the leaders were about to come around and finish Lap 5, #6177 Williams came slightly off track and clipped the edge of the timing loop causing it to fall into the hot course. Race officials rushed to upright the apparatus but not before #6139 Householder was slowed down by race officials for safety measures, which graciously Adam complied and and was able to get around the area with no issues. Once #6139 Householder cleared the area, race officials got the timing loop repaired enough to not impede any other racers.
It was quickly determined that the #6139 Householder would be issued a “time credit” for being slowed for safety measures and relayed this information to the crews of both #6139 and #6173 so their drivers were aware of the situation and it was very transparent at the finish line if it came down to it, that no favoritism was displayed.   Going into Lap 8, the leaderboard sat at #6139 Householder in first, followed by #6173 McMullen and #6108 Dohrman in 3rd. It was going to come down to 1 second or less if the top 2 kept the pace with each other for the last 9 miles. With 1 final long sweeping corner before the final jump just before crossing the finish line, #6139 Householder came into the slippery corner a little too hot on the throttle and tipped the truck onto its side. Official Retrieval vehicles rushed to get him flipped back onto his tires but it wasn’t before the #6173 McMullin and #6108 Dohrman could slip by crossing the finish line ahead of Householder. After the final calculation of elapsed times combined from Day 1 and Day 2, #6173 McMullin would take home 1st and 5th overall, followed by #6108 Dohrman in 2nd, 6th overall. #6101 Travis Chase kept a good pace all weekend and found his way into 3rd for day two. However, his charge would not be fast enough as he would end up one minute behind #6139 Householder who would take home 3rd in class for the weekend. After a great display of clean racing, good sportsmanship for race officials and a phenomenal display of talent from the 6100 drivers Heat 5 would set a great end to the Stateline Shootout. 
Photos Courtesy of Dirt Nation
All told, the weekend couldn’t have been better, well maybe less wind on Saturday. A Special thank you to our Volunteers, the Legacy Racing Staff and great competitors that showed up for the Stateline Shootout. We at Legacy work hard to create a safe and friendly atmosphere that welcomes everyone.   If you missed any of the action, head to The Legacy Racing YouTube channel where you can watch the entire Livestream of all three days. Big Thank you to our Partners Herling Racing for making this possible.
Official Results
Up next for Legacy is our highly anticipated 2022 Vision Wheel Baja Nevada, the furthest distance off-road race in the continental US. It’s a 650 single day, point to point event across the beautiful state of Nevada, Join us June 22-26 for an adventure you’ll never forget. This event is open for motorcycles, quads, cars, trucks and UTV’s. Race Registration is now open. Volunteer positions are still available so make sure to sign up for the best seat in the house if you haven’t already. 
M Resort is the host hotel for the Vision Wheel Baja Nevada! Reservations are still open so book today!   To book your rooms for the M you can click the link below to book online or call (866) 551-1540 or (702) 797-1998. Use group Code SLRB22.  Cut off date for the block is Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Make sure to book today! 
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