325 Miles broken up into two days.  Trail will be scenic and tight and twisty. You will need a GPS unit in your UTV.
  • 160 miles of trail approximately each day
  • 3 historical stops per dayGuided ride with expert staff helping along the way
  • Sweep crew to make sure everyone is accounted for
  • Support truck provided to carry extra fuel/spare parts
  • Full medical staff on the ride and at various stops along the route
  • GPS required to participate (route will be provided for download)
  • VHF radio recommended with freq. 152.960
  • UTVs Only


Thursday August 24 РRegistration 
Friday August 25- Late Registration and Day 1 – Lunch & Dinner Provided
Saturday August 26 – Day 2 – Breakfast & Lunch Provided


More info on Hotels coming soon

Caliente Hotel List

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